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Explain it like
I'm five.
Steer lets managers create simple business priorities and run clarity-focused projects to help their teams carry them out
Simplify Priorities
"What do we need to focus on?" just got 10 times easier with the ability to describe successful outcomes or target them with trackable goal metrics.
Clarify Projects
Lead even the most 'complicated' team members without having to re-visit project expectations, where to find what they need, or what role they're supposed to take.
Unify Teams
Create your flexible and future-proof system without re-inventing the wheel, through projects and assets that can live in multiple places at once.
Results Focused
“Adopting Steer not only afforded us efficiencies that, compared to previous years, is night and day … but using their tool gave us better ways pre-plan our releases!” *
Michael Valdez
Founder & CEO, Solpress