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Explain it like I'm five.
Steer is a project management tool that over-simplifies:
  • The results you want to get
  • The things you need to get there
  • The steps you're taking next
Results Focused
“Adopting Steer not only afforded us efficiencies that, compared to previous years, is night and day … but using their tool gave us better ways pre-plan our releases!” *
Michael Valdez
Founder & CEO, Solpress
Over -
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Column-Free Prioritization
Over-Simplified Delegation
  • Over-Clarify Expectations
    • A place to define your expectations Criteria
      • Displayed as milestones with difficulty ratings
      • Can be left as-is to guide, or marked as 'passed'
    • Quantifies the bottom-line goal Metrics
      • Track any value with any unit type
      • Straight forward summaries at a glance
    • Makes budgeting more practical Budgets
      Budgets and Expenses
      • Tracks budget at the priority and project level
      • Calculates budget left for displays
  • Over-Organize Team Needs
    • Simple priority to project structure Projects
      Parent Priority to Child Projects
      • Priority cards have their own project card lists
      • Projects can link their synced versions anywhere
      • Guests can access specifically assigned projects
    • Resources stay central & relevant Workflow
      Project Resource Lists
      • Add any file type to a project's resource list
      • Link synced resources to any action item
      • Work on the same resource anywhere it's linked
    • Action items break into tasks Subtasks
      Action Item Subtasks
      • Break action items into subtasks
      • Assign subtasks individually
      • Use subtask statuses just like action items
Low-Touch Execution
Stop onboarding.
Start working.
  • Over-Clarify Self-Onboarding
    • Assigns flexible role labels Dynamics
      Project-Specific Roles
      • Customize and edit project-specific role labels
      • View permanent roles from user's profile
      • Assign high-level priority card owners
    • Features that get anyone up-to-speed Snapshots
      Status and Chat History
      • Past barrier, challenge, and opportunity statuses
      • View project-focused chat history
  • Over-Centralize Self-Management
    • Clear expectations empower teams Ownership
      Project Milestones and Metrics
      • Descriptive enough to empower self-management
      • Allows users to collaborate on accountability
    • Progress visibility keeps it real Urgency
      Objectives and Project Dashboards
      • Display performance against time and expenses
      • Results can be clearly linked to efforts