Strategy Navigator

With its intuitive interface, the Strategy Navigator simplifies the strategic planning process and pulls only the operations data that shows you exactly what's impacting execution.

Its intuition-powered framework enables your executive team to speak the same execution language and focus only on the things that drive the business forward.

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Strategy Building Interface
Easily build an operations framework through an intuitive interface that helps you consolidate and measure complex corporate initiatives

Flexible Tracking Graphics
Adjustable progress tracking graphics instantly update and broadcast what's important across the platform and throughout the organization

Execution Vital Signs
Tracked and displayed Success Factors measure and weigh what directly impacts your role: people assigned, number of active activities, assigned performance scoring, and obstacles or challenges experienced

High-Level Review Notes
Record what really happened with review notes associated to every high-level initiative and activity

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Eliminate Distracted Discussions
With important leadership discussions, engage only on what impacts execution and need-to-know items

Discover Roadblocks and Opportunities
At a glance, understand what went wrong and what needs to change, so that issues are identified and immediately resolved

Expert Knowledge Sharing
Enable expert knowledge sharing so that every member of your cross-functional team speaks the same execution language

Limit Useless Admin Work
With co-leader logins and sharable activities, you can access the same tools and collaborate privately on a higher level

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Operations Manager

With a glance-friendly view at how each operation is going, the Operations Manager tracks how well each activity supports or conflicts with each other; and gets you out of daily fire fighting so you can make time-sensitive decisions that focus on winning.

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Activity Builder
Build, monitor, and assign activities that package success targets, resources, checklists, and communication channels in one place

Distribution & Broadcasting
Broadcast overall activity progress and distribute resources, from the operations manager, that tracks progress separately from employee metrics

Checklist Assignments
Assign checklist items to multiple activity assignees, whether they're part of your team or external vendors

Progress Visibility
View only the ongoing activity metrics that directly impact the business to surface roadblocks, opportunities, and local problems versus global ones

Repeat Activities
Re-assign the same activities that package the same success targets, resources, checklists, and communication tools

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Spend More Time Leading
With a mid-level view of how activities interact & progress, spend less time putting out fires and more time making decisions that are key for success

Handle Last Minute Changes
With an all-in-one view of each activity, that's holds all people involved for execution, you can handle last minute emergencies with direct communication and distribution abilities

Learn for Scalability
Discover which activities are the best for your organization and build repeatable processes around activity templates to enable growth

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Employee Coach

Helm's Employee Coach allows you to assign the activities you've built to individual team members and walk them through a Coaching Session that distributes those activities' resources, discusses progress & expectations, and assigns them to checklist items they're able to check off through separate accounts.

You'll discover who needs your help, where the team should focus, and what's getting in the way.

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Individual Agendas
Build and assign agendas that hold multiple assigned activities; each packaging success targets, resources, checklists, and communication tools

Coaching Sessions
During a session, walk through an activity that distributes resources, engages conversation on expectations, and assigns checklists for later completion

Compare Performance
View only the performance metrics that directly impact the business to find out who needs your help, and who needs to be reconsidered

2-Way Communication
Provide opportunities for 2-way engagement directly through an activity's interface

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Build Relationships
Respond to problems that impact individuals, and when they impact the team as whole, with engaging coaching sessions that execute from a top-down view

Assign with Support
Ensure employees, external vendors, and stakeholders are given the right resources to complete their work and are in full alignment with your time sensitive expectations

Cut External Vendor Costs
Discover and isolate problem vendors quickly with a quick and full understanding of vendor progress, process, and performance friction points

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