Note: Steer's app is not yet mobile optimized
Lead the way
Priority cards (and the projects they create) aren't focused on spreadsheet-style columns or kanban boards, but on the results they need to meet.
  • Create goal metrics for targets
  • Add milestones to describe success
  • Add project cards when you need them
Don't repeat yourself
Each Project Card focuses on team understanding (not just communication) by over-clarifying successful results, where to find the files or technical tools needed to achieve them, and much more.
  • Resource / tools lists
  • Action items & subtasks
  • Project-specific roles
  • Real-time project chat
Create a system that grows with you
Steer lets you link the same project card to multiple priorities, so that when things (inevitably) change, your system doesn't have to.
  • Link synced project cards
  • Link synced action items to any card
  • Link synced resources to any action item
It's time to level up
You weren't made to manage spreadsheets. You were born to lead your team.