Note: Steer's app is not yet mobile optimized
Virtual & Remote
Team Management
Steer is the virtual office that you don't need to manage
Simplify Priorities
"What do we need to focus on?" just got 10 times easier with the ability to describe successful outcomes or target them with trackable goal metrics.
Clarify Projects
Lead even the most 'complicated' team members without having to re-visit project expectations, where to find what they need, or what role they're supposed to take.
Unify Teams
Create your flexible and future-proof system without re-inventing the wheel, through projects and assets that can live in multiple places at once.
Priority & Project Cards
Avoid confusion with a simple two card structure
  • Priorities focus the big picture
  • Projects get the results
Metrics & Milestones
Define the work and over-clarify expectations
Set your objectives with goal metrics to align the team. And if metrics don't match your style, you can describe what success looks like to you with milestones.
Project-Specific Roles
Keep team member roles clear and always flexible
Assign role labels to team members that are specific to each project card, to avoid re-hashing and work overlaps
Project Resource Lists
Stay relentlessly organized
Empower your team with accessibility, by neatly packaging the resources they need:
  • In Projects, next to desired outcomes
  • Linked to action items for synced access
Action Items & Subtasks
Get things done
Streamline collaboration by assigning multiple workspace (and guest) team members to a single action item
  • Break into subtasks
  • Estimate and log hours
  • Add to multiple places at once
Opportunity Statuses
Make uncomfortable conversations comfortable again
Coach where projects stand with your team, using statuses that review if (and why) it's experiencing a barrier, a challenge, or an opportunity.
Project Linking
Never re-shuffle projects again
Link projects to other priorities so that they exist in other project card lists at the same time.